About us

Who are we?

We are lead by our founder Mr. Mahendra Agarwal who hails from a very humble background and grew up fighting various struggles. He embarked on his maiden business venture of a Mobile food plaza in the year 1990 and pioneered the delivery of home cooked meals in Kolkata. This venture created ripples because he employed widows and divorced women who were in need of shelter and living. The food plaza was unique in the way that these women who were in dire need, also found a good respectable lives with this business venture. Back in those days, he received a lot of good press and appreciation from society. He then started a real estate and development company in the year, 2002. When he found financial success, he decided to help the less fortunate in society. He started Argobbhawva in 2016 with the mission of reaching out to the urban, as well as rural poor and making their lives better. He was known for his philanthropic work even before the formation of Argobbhawva. He was lovingly called Shree Shree jii by most people whose lives have been touched by him in some way or the other. He was joined by his loyal team of trustees, friends and well-wishers.

Our advisory board includes the following eminent persons:
Dr. Gopal Dave – Chief Medical Officer – Marwari Hospital
Mr. Biswajit Roy Choudhary – Author of “Sundarbans – The mystic Mangrove” and an authority who has been working in the Sunderbans for over 15 years.
Mr. Sanjay Kansal – Chartered Accountant.

We are a team of dedicated young people who are working on various projects, every day, reaching out to people in need. We have a large vision of reaching out to people in the 23 districts of Bengal and making a difference in the lives of the rural as well as the urban population. We strive to create a community which is clean, safe and healthy in every way. We are working on areas of cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Our goals will be achieved when we see a community which is a stable and safe environment for all.
We are new, yet spirited, to make a difference in society. We seek cooperation from society and the stake holders in every possible way.

For more information visit our website at www.argobbhawva.org or drop by at our city

180/1 B-Block, Bangur Avenue, Kol-700 055