“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

At “ARGOBBHAWVA HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT”, we tend to care for the health and safety of those who are incapable to afford medical care for themselves. Only a healthy society can pave way to a more advanced tomorrow.

Why Conduct Health Camp?

Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health. Health camps are needed in places where a requisite for health care is still ardent. Providing human beings basic health care should be a responsibility of a secular, democratic country. Alas due to an over-the-top population and subsequent lack in economic stability through all strata of society, we have a larger sector of our community still suffering from malnutrition and other untreated ailments. Since antiquity, India has been the first country to give its citizens national health care as a uniform right. However in the present scenario Indian rural health care faces a crisis unmatched to any other social sector. Nearly 86% of all the medical visit in India are made by ruralites with majority still travelling more than 100 km to avail health care facility of which 70-80% is born out of pocket landing them in poverty.

Though existing infrastructural setup for providing health care in rural India is on a right track, yet the qualitative and quantitative availability of primary health care facilities is far less than the defined norms by the World Health Organization. Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare figure of 2005 suggests a shortfall of 12% for sub centres (existing 146,026), 16% of Primary Health Centres (PHCs) (existing 23,236) and 50% Community Health Centres (CHCs) (existing 3346) then prescribed norms with 49.7%, 78% and 91.5% of sub centres, PHCs and CHCs located in government buildings and rest in non-government buildings respectively requiring a figure of 60,762, 2948 and 205 additional buildings for sub centres, PHCs and CHCs respectively. The PHCS are far in between and scattered and people are not truly aware of the need people have for betterment of health.

What Argobbhawva Does

Argobbahwva Humanity Development conducts excessive surveys both in Kolkata as well as rural areas like Sunderban, North and South 24 Parganas. After conducting such extensive surveys, we predetermine the areas prone to poverty and undernourishment and target those areas to conduct camps. We conduct both general as well as specialised camps with imminent doctors that are designed to help people who are themselves unable to afford such care. We also arrange for free prescribed medicines and connect more critical patients with hospitals.


We are an organization which is actively working in West Bengal towards development.

Office Location

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