South 24 parganas

An estimated 2.5 lakh untrained medical practitioners, including traditional healers, Unani and Ayurveda practitioners, homeopaths, ICDS and Aanganwadi help tide over West Bengal’s acute shortage of doctors. In West Bengal, there remain huge shortfall-33 per cent-of medical officers and doctors in the Directorate of Health Services. The shortfall of specialists is as high as 50 per cent.” According to the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence’s National Health Profile, 2016, there is only one doctor per 10,411 people. West Bengal has 909 primary health centres, against a requirement of 3,000, for its 90 million populations. The rate of absenteeism of doctors at different centres is as high as 60 per cent.

In West Bengal, the poverty ratio is 34.3% as per new methodology. Poverty has many faces and being unable to receive minimum health care to remain free from even common ailment is an important dimension of poverty. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 1999 that poverty must be addressed in all its dimensions, not income alone, because the resulting inequalities in health outcomes are stark. For example, the under-five mortality rate is five times higher for people who are living in absolute poverty than for those in higher income groups.

Our main focus in North and South 24 Parganas remain to conduct a plethora of generalised as well as orthopaedic, gynaecological as other specialised camps. We also try to provide more critical patients with hospitals as well as specialised clinics. Our eye camps are conducted with the singular goal of aiding old people suffering from cataract and other ocular diseases to recover with surgeries at subsidised rates. Our medicinal camps are systematized all over South 24 Parganas based on health requirements of an explicit location. Such health camps attempt for the promotion of wellbeing seeking behaviour over the long run and moreover, such camps work towards the building up of consciousness regarding universal ailments, methods for family planning, diet and cleanliness and sanitation. Our camps supply widespread health services at no cost.

General Medical Camp At Meraganj, South 24 Pgs


Orthopedic And General Medical Camp At Daria, South 24 Pgs


Gynecological And General Medical Camp At Daria, South 24 Pgs


Medical Camp At Ghatak Pukur, Debipur, Bamunia Bazar, South 24 Pgs


General Medical Camp At Daria, South 24 Pgns


Orthopedic Camp At Tardha, South 24 Pgns


Orthopedic Camp At Moricha-South 24 Parganas


Orthopedic Medical Camp At Dhara,South 24 Parganas


Jharkhali Forest Medical Camp


Taldi Medical Camp


Free Gyno Medical Camp At Atherobanki Panchayet 16.01.2018


Itkhola Gram Medical Camp Held On 27.05.17


Sarberia Gram Medical Camp On 14.05.2017


Pran Ganj Gram Medical Camp On 13.05.2017

Jagulgachi Medical Camp On 30.04.2017


Bamonghata Medical Camp On 29.04.2017


Tardaha Medical Camp On 26.04.2017


Tangra Medical Camp On 16.04.2017


Lahiripur Medical Camp On 07.04.2018


Satjelia Medical Camp On 08.04.2018


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