A total of 8,132 cases of human trafficking were reported in the country with West Bengal reporting the highest number of cases (3,579),” said the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in Delhi today, releasing figures for 2016. That’s a 44 per cent share of the national total.

4143 sex-workers were documented from 451 public and 131 from 40 private establishments. The prevalence of minors in public establishments is 0.8% while in private ones it was a whopping 18 %. The minors observed in private establishments were 15 to 17 years old, all from West Bengal. The society has turned a blind eye to this criminal and colossal problem. The state machinery and child protection committees are present and ready to help but the initiation and intervention has to come from within the society. Therefore educating and empowering the community is the only way forward.

ARGOBBHAWVA thus tries to conduct a series of awareness campaigns on social predators like paedophiles and sexual miscreants and how to either fight back or beware of the dangers that lurks malaises like child trafficking and sexual abuse. We have also conducted social awareness sessions about the physiology of female genitals to impressionable adolescent girls so that they can themselves recognize the ill effects of child marriage on their bodies.


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